The ZEDOnet Blog

In our blog we would like to inform you about the latest from the ZEDOnet development department - e.g. about new printers, new technologies or other interesting topics.

We are often asked by our customers for our recommendation for a new printer purchase - after all, we have adjusted and calibrated almost every device supported by TurboPrint and PrintFab on site. It is of course not the task of our support to recommend certain devices. Instead, we would like to report in this blog from time to time about our experiences with one or the other printer that somehow caught our eye.

Epson L8050, L18050 / ET-18100 and L11050 / ET-14100

Canon PIXMA Pro-200 and G550 / G650

Epson SC-P700 and ET-8550 in our development lab

Epson XP-15000 and ET-7750